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cat and dog doors

If you're sick of your pooch scratching at the door to be let out in the middle of the night, or your cat accidentally being locked inside and causing a mess, call us now to install a pet door today!

We supply and install cat and dog doors in a range of different styles, colours and sizes to cover the smallest of cats to the largest of dogs. If you are having an issue with stray cats taking advantage of your pet door then we recommend upgrading to a microchip cat door that will only open for your pet, leaving the strays outside. We can also install all pet doors in both glass and wooden doors.

Important info to be aware of - We can only cut round pet door holes. Square holes for certain pet doors must be ordered in. Cut outs are not possible if the glass is a toughened safety glass or double glazed. If you have either of these the glass will need to be custom made to order. We also highly recommend that the glass is replaced with a toughened safety glass for all larger dog doors especially if your pooch loves to barrel in at full speed.


We use the Petwalk pet doors for a high quality nicer finish.

Standard Cat Door
Standard Cat Door - Comesin White & Clear Surrounds
Microchip Cat Door
Intermediate Dog Door
Standard Dog Door
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