We supply a tinting option to Commercial premises and jobs only


  • It provides great protection blocking 99% of  New Zealand's harsh UV rays causing damage and fading to your furniture and floor coverings. 

  • It's fantastic if you are wanting additional privacy from the exterior commercial premises, especially in

  • It can also be a a great decorative option as well.

  • If glare is a problem in your office there are a range of window films which can reduce the glare by up to 90% on monitors, TV’s and projector screens without having to close the blinds.

  • Our safety grade films are ideal for adding that extra security to your property or protecting your little ones from unfortunate glass accidents.

  • We offer an Anti Graffiti film that is an excellent and affordable solution to your commercial shop fronts etc.  Its a clear thick film that is removed and reapplied - a far more cost effective option than replacement glass all the time.


We offer an extensive range of architectural, safety and decorative films that will suit all of your commercial property needs. We have a range of samples for you to browse through to ensure you select the perfect film for your situation.

We use high quality films by Hanita Coatings. Hanita Coatings have been developing solar control and security films for 30 years. They are specially designed to be applied internally to the window surface and have an excellent world wide reputation of being an innovative and independent manufacturer of window film products.

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Tinted Commercial Shop Front
Canopy Roof - Before Tinting
Canopy Roof - After Tinting with Frost Film
Canopy Roof - Before Tinting
Canopy Roof - After Tinting with Frost Film

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